The freshwater pool offers a pleasant area whjere you can be served refreshments. 

Transfers can be arranged from the airport or from the city. 

The library next to the bar provide a wide selection of books and games. A free Wi-Fi is available in public area. 

laundry service is available from Monday to Saturday. Price list and laundry bags are provided in each room.



Boutique-Service 1



The shop offers a wide range of Malagasy handicrafts handmade products and a line of quality garments as well as natural products such as essential oils certified organic.



PaymentsIn cash in Ariary.

By credit cards:  card visa

























The Antsokay Arboretum is the main attraction of the place where nearly 1,000 species of plants from south west Madagascar are maintained in a botanical garden. Night tours can be arranged to see the nocturnal lemur Microcebus griseorufus.









 Observation des étoiles

The hotel is far enough away from the city to stargazing. Sit so that your eyes adjust to the darkness and wait, watching the sky. Scrutinize the myriad of stars is one of the greatest spectacles that offers the sky at any time of the year.

You will see a huge milky bar which earned it the name of the Milky Way. Many of the constellation's brighter stars such as the Southern Cross, the Canis Major and the Scorpius are visible across the Milky Way.









The trail of the Table Mountain as part of the New Protected area Tsinjoriake, near Toliara is open to ecotourism in the approach of harmonious and sustainable development of its tourism activities. The trail can reveal some medicinal plants. The summit offers a 360 ° view of the coast and the hinterland.



Walks in the surrounding villages (Antsokay, Ankoronga) are very good opportunities to meeting of the local culture and visit the brick factory nearby. Simple walks will be transformed into genuine moments of discovery of a population.







St. Augustine or Anatsono 37km from Toliara is a village bordered by limestone cliffs at the mouth of the historic site Onilahy river, surrounded by mangroves. It was a base of pirates and smugglers in the seventeenth century. Sarodrano's Cave is along the same road. At 400 meters from the Sarodrano's Cave, some specimens of Moringa in a xerophytic thicket.












Sarodrano is a fisheren village which extends over large dunes. Observation of conditioning algae, snorkelling, stroll through the mangroves and meeting with Vezo people.








Faites un petit voyage à Madagascar et découvrez la beauté de l'île Rouge et tous les merveilles qu'elle cache.  Parcourez l'île et admirez le décor paradisiaque que la nature vous offre.

Au pied du mont Kenya et au cœur de paysages spectaculaires, découvrez un Kenya surprenant. Prenez-en plein  les yeux en visitant cette terre ancestrale riche en faunes et en flores. Rencontrez les Masais, peuple de la savane  africaine.